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Bienvenida a los nuevos profesores nativos SJE - Colegio SJE

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Al inicio de cada curso escolar recibimos en nuestro Colegio a los nuevos profesores nativos. Como auxiliares de conversación ayudarán a perfeccionar el nivel de inglés y alemán de nuestros alumnos. 

Rebecca Valentina Schodrowski

Hi everyone! My name is Rebecca Valentina Schodrowski. I am 21 years old and come from Munich, Germany. After I had finished my bavarian „bachillerato“, I have started to study Education Science and Sociology at the LMU in Munich. During that time I have worked in some „Deutschklassen“ in german primary schools. The „Deutschklassen“ are classes where children from all over the world can attend when they are moving to Germany. There they learn as much german as they can before attending to the normal school system. At the beginning it is a challenge to stick to the german language especially when the students are not speaking german at all, but it is really worth it.

After my graduation from the LMU, I wanted to get some more and different experiences in teaching. I decided to come to Spain because I also wanted to challenge myself and getting myself out of the comfort zone. I love to speak different languages and already speak four (German, English, French, Turkish). I am very happy to spend the year as a Language Assistant at the Colegio SJE. Hopefully I can share my love about languages and my knowledge and experiences with the students and also learn a lot from them.



Amhara Chamberlayne

Graduate from Warwick University with a 2:1 in English Literature, having entered at age 17. Strong A levels (AABB) and GCSEs from international French school Lyçée Français Charles de Gaulle; Bilingual, fluent in both English and French and basic conversational German. Passionate about literature and film. Good at sport, practiced jiu-jitsu in first year at university and play football and tennis regularly. Music fan, can play guitar. Passionate about travel; having been to countries in Asia, Africa and North and South America I am glad to be continuing my journey in Spain. I enjoy Spanish culture and therefore decided to gain some experience in Madrid. So far, my time at San Juan Evangelista has been fulfilling and accommodating, and I am sure it will continue in the same vein.


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